Order Help

To help you get started with your first order please follow the guide below. We also have reference guides on the following topics: Adding Searches, Upload Release Forms

  1. Click on Order -> New Order
  2. Select the type of report that you would like to run.
  3. The order will populate with default options if you need to add any other searches you can check mark those.
  4. Enter your applicant’s information – You will be required to enter the applicant’s middle name or certify that they do not have a middle name. By certifying they do not have a middle name, records with middle names may be omitted, only select that option if the applicant truly does not have a middle name.

    On this screen you can also enter former names and aliases if they have any.
  5. If you’ve ordered a report for this same applicant in the last 90 days it will then display that report. You can cancel or continue with your new report.
  6. You will then be prompted to enter address history. Their current address is required, and we recommend entering 7 years of address history, minimum of a zip code for each. We generally only need one address per state unless you need county level searches to be ran.
  7. The system will pull alias and other jurisdiction information for you. The name(s) and jurisdictions from information you provided will automatically be selected.

    It is recommended that you click on the “Developed Jurisdictions” button and select any name variations, aliases or locations that you might want included in your order. These might include a more complete version of the applicant’s name, maiden names, former names, or locations they lived in that they didn’t disclose to you.

    Note: You may be charged for each additional search you add here. While we want to be through we don’t want to be redundant and the charges can add up.

    On this screen you can also change the Name matching options. We recommend leaving those settings as-is.
  8. After entering your applicant’s information and verifying the searches to include you’ll be on the Order Summary screen.

    Please take a moment to verify that you have entered your applicant’s information correctly, this is the last point where you can correct errors. If your order requires a special release form (such as a Pennsylvania MVR release) you can upload it here.

    Once, you click on Complete Order the searches for your order will begin to run and you will be charged for all the searches shown on this screen.
  9. Once you complete your order entry you can upload any required release forms. Release forms are required to be uploaded for PSP Reports and MVR Reports on licenses issued by New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington. These searches will not be ran without first uploading the required release form.
  10. When the order is complete you will get an email with its status with a link to go directly to the report, or you can find your completed reports under the Reports menu.